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Planter Closing Wheels:


Planter settings play an important role when it comes to improving yield potential...so don't forget about the closing wheels.

"The best hybrids or perfect seed spacing can be rendered useless if the seed trench is less than ideally-closed to kick start emergence. The proper selection of the right type of closing wheel coupled with adequate down force are crucial to successful seeding. Rubber and spike are the two most popular style of closing wheels being used for seed trench closure.

Spike closing wheels are growing in popularity primarily due to the many benefits this method of seed trench closing provides. Earlier planting dates present less than ideal soil conditions, spike wheels rise to the occasion fracturing and churning the soil along the seed trench for improved seed to soil contact. In most cases the down force can be set in mid to light range and still provide ample amounts of pressure for closing the furrow. The churning action of the fingered wheel eliminates sidewall compaction allowing the developing roots more space to establish themselves. Rated best for less than perfect soil conditions spike closing wheels can achieve desirable closing results in heavier wetter soils.

In recent studies a significant amount of attention has been focused on seed spacing, population and final ear count. Failure to properly select and adjust a closing wheel system will negatively impact yield potential. Late or non-emergence of plants caused by incorrect or misadjusted closing wheels is a yield barrier. If the seed trench is not closed properly, then the previous decisions that have been made to improve yield will be lost. This planter attachment decision will help provide consistent and uniform emergence which is the foundation for maximum yield potential."


Yetter Spiked Closing Wheel SystemThe New Yetter Spike Closing Wheel system manages the seed trench efficiently and improve seed-to-soil contact by significantly reducing the number of air pockets.

The Yetter Spike Closing Wheels makes a new level of effectiveness reachable by adding the new Spike Closing Wheel Scraper. Build-up on wheels can impair the spike’s ability to penetrate the soil to proper depths for seed trench sealing. The scraper cleans the wheel as the spike exits the soil.

The scraper is designed to work in the toughest conditions. It is especially effective in no-till fields where residue distribution is heavy. The Spike Closing Wheel Scraper is also the perfect solution to prevent mud build-up in damp soil conditions.

For more information read Yetter's
Press Release.


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Spiked Closing Wheels


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