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Vertical Tillage Attachments

Vertical Tillage Attachments:


Vertical Tillage AttachmentCan be used spring or fall.
Aerates, dries, and warms the soil for earlier planting.
Sizes residue for faster decomposition.
Provides erosion control by incorporating residue into the soil.
Operates at high ground speeds.
Covers more acres per day.
Puts under utilized tillage tools back to work.
Low cost compared to buying new.
Low horsepower requirements.

Vertical Tillage Attachment on John Deere 726 Soil Finisher
Yetter Vertical Tillage Attachment attached to John Deere 726 Soil Finisher (right)    

(click to enlarge images)

Vertical Tillage Attachment in Action

Vertical Tillage Attachment Vertical Tillage Attachment


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