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New Planter Attachments:


2967 e-Series On-the-Go Residue Manager2967 e-Series On-the-Go Residue Manager Touch Screen2967 E Series On-the-Go Residue Manager

The touch-screen controller adjusts the electric actuator to raise and lower each residue manager.
One row, all rows, or a preset number of rows can be selected and raised or lowered as needed by the electric actuator on the residue manager.  Its easy to install as it uses the tractor’s electrical system as a power source.



Screw Adjust Floating Residue Manager


2967-049 Screw Adjust Floating Residue ManagerThe new Screw Adjust Floating Residue Manager combines the power of the Short Version Titan™ and timesaving QuickAdjust™ technology.
Short and compact- perfect for planters with limited space to mount attachments.
Can be set to float, moving residue and following the contours of the ground.
Or locked into place- this flexibility allows the RM to work in a variety of soil conditions.
The self-detent adjustment handle allows for quick, one-handed adjustment. (provides constant, accurate depth control.
A depth indicator ensures a uniform depth setting for each row across the planter


Screw Adjust Residue Manager

Quick, Easy Adjustment

Screw AdjustAdapts to all soil conditions.
Easy to find and maintain appropriate working depth.
Attaches directly to the face plate row unit.
Features exclusive self-detent adjustment handle.
Includes depth indicator to ensure uniform depth setting.
Adjusts in 1/16” increments and features a 3/4” socket to speed adjustment.

Floater Wheels

Keeping things moving in heavy residue.

Floater Wheels
Maintains the right depth in all conditions.  Mounts easily to Floating Residue Manager wheels, preventing teeth from gouging the soil. Increased surface area.






Sharktooth SharkTooth            SharkTooth® Wheel
Cuts through the toughest residue.  Removes residue from in front of the planter unit.  Won’t throw residue in front of adjacent rows.

TitanTM Residue Manager

The Fastest, Simplest Adjustment and Depth Control Ever

Titan Residue Manager
QuikAdjust™ feature that slashes depth adjustment time from the side without tools.  Settings with one wheel leading or with both wheels parallel or interlocked.  High strength steel arms that hold wheels firmly to move tough residue.  Adjustable front and back arms that wrap around planter attachments beneath the row unit frame and parallel linkage.  Compatible with most popular planters.


TitanTMfor John Deere Coulter

Easy Adjustment

Titan for JD Coulter Easy Adjust
Wide range of depth settings.  Lock down feature.  Floating feature.  Doesn’t require removing coulter to install.  Attaches to front of coulter.  Doesn’t interfere with coulter adjustment.  Narrow design.  Doesn’t move residue into adjoining rows.  Perfect combination to achieve coulter tillage and residue management.  Staggered, parallel, or interlocked wheels.

Titan TMUltra Narrow

Perfect for Limited Space Titan Ultra Narrow


Especially designed for planters with limited mounting space.  Same wheel selection available as for the other Titan™ models.  Available separately or with a cutting coulter assembly.  Can be adjusted to float and follow the soil contour or be locked down to move tough residue.



Yetter Tool Hanger Residue Manager

with SharkTooth® Wheels

for John Deere Planter

Yetter Tool Hanger Residue Manager with SharkTooth Wheels for John Deere

 Titan for Case PlantersSharkTooth Wheel Video(click image at right to watch video)

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